This is my academy blog for [BCM 310] Media Emerging and Issue. I used “sugardaddyserenetsiny” to named my blog link and it is supposed to be academy blog. It may sound wrong but I just want people to remember me. I am existing in the blogging world! The blog going to discuss anything about the media with my own opinion. I personality do not like too wordy blog, hence I ‘m going to use others medium as much as possible to demonstrate my view. Besides, I would like to developed my  blog by implicated elements of airline services, simply it’s just because I love this industry but too bad I am qualify as either captain or flight attendant… yet maybe? Anyway, I ‘m definitely the captain and flight attendant, and YOU or my  dear reader will be the passager on my flight. Let’s enjoy and I am glad if you can make some comments on my blog. Your comments will be my encouragement and confidence for me to score higher for my one last semester in my life!

Last, but not least….


This is your captain Serene


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