The truth behind the gorgeous

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

For your information, this will be the second last blog post. Without any further, today we going to discuss ‘the hidden cost of media use’. “

How the media communicate with us?

I personally think, Media = Technologies. 

The media (old & new media) needs of communication, which part they can escape from the use of technologies? Without the development of technologies, the media not able to get their job done so effectively like today. Especially for the media in current world, it is very much rely on the use of technologies to reach people. 

Maxwell & Miller (2012) said that things that development from the technologies for media purposes is actually contain high amount of toxic substances.

I would like use – “E-pollution”, to describe this phenomenon. E-pollution is occurs when too many of e-items (electronic & electrical items) is produce without a proper way of production and disposal, where emission of harmful chemical substances may caused others environment problems. E-pollution can be occurs in several methods:

(1) When people are over “innovative” but with little knowledge to do with the e-waste.

(2) The process of producing of e-items may discharge high concentration of poisoning gas.

(3) People do not recycle the second hand e-items. 

The hidden cost of media, the “cost” is in two way:

(1) In term of money, the cost we spend on the e-items, more money to invest later like get a better screen protector for our mobile phone.

(2) The “drawback” or things that we get end of the day, such as environmental problems, health issues.

The truth behind the gorgeous will be…

You may have the best technologies to enhance your life. However, without the knowledge to balance the way of using, you will be one of “rubbish” in the huge rubbish mountain like the picture below:

ImagePuente Hills Landfill, the largest rubbish dump in America






Maxwell, R & Miller, T 2012, ‘Greening the Media’, Oxford University Press, pp 1-20.


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