Bread!? Can eat or not?

“Lady and gentlemen,

We going to cover “white bread media” for today topic. This is not a cooking demonstration but just bear with us. We going to explain further.”





‘White bread’ to everyone, it is a food, bread in white colour. Here, the topic today ‘white bread media’ it is not related to any food at all. Cannot be eat definitely!


The colourful mixed beans in a bowl. The colourful beans represent the multinational and the bowl represent Australia. When the beans mix together, it create a beautiful picture. 



As we knew, Australia is a multinational country, where due to the migration, Australian are formed by multiculturalism society.  Dreher (n.d) described the current TV production is failed to recognise the diversity and multiculturalism in Australia. The situation is define as ‘white bread media’, where the media content of the TV does not give the real scenario, and the central focus is toward the white. The ‘white’ is represent the Anglo-Australian.

ImageShe is Dr Tanja Dreher

Mason (2011) said that media are the indicators to decide the public opinion. Not only in Australia, but in other countries, the media should be always aware of the way to portray the story, whether this is too sensitive or over stereotype. Dreher (n.d) also mentioned the media in Australia has caused racism issue in recent years. For this part, I think Australia should refer to Malaysia media.

Malaysia is also formed by multiculturalism society. But at least in TV production, Malaysia’s media do not create any hatred among the ethics in TV production. Besides, the script writers should conduct research and compose a ‘real’ story instead is blindly create a story that will causes moral panic later. The producers have the responsible to filter the  content before the production begin. This is not only TV production but every sectors in media.



Last, but not least, I would like say we are live in a global village. Media is play an important to act as a guide for the livelihood. However, everyone is smart enough to differentiate the truth and the false. With the advance technology and communication devices, I believe people are know good enough to being understand each others and do not really get affected by the rumours. People!! Open your eyes to see the world!! We are big family.


Dreher, T n.d, ‘White Bread Media’, The media and communications, Australia, eds Stuart Cunningham and Sue Turnbull, Allen and Unwin, accessed 13/5/13, UOW eLearning.

Mason, G 2011, ‘The Representation of Young People in the Media February 2011’, Youth Justice Research Team, accessed 13/5/13,


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