People help the people

“Hi lady and gettleman,

This is your cabin crew, without any other story, we would to talk about ‘Digital social inclusion: focus on disability’ now.”

Feb 14, 2013 When everyone celebrating valentine day, a 19th year old young lady jumping off from 6th level in Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. Moses (2013) reported that she committed suicide due to her mental illness. Also, according to the Facebook comments, it is because the boyfriend request for broke up with her (Moses 2013).











26 Marc, 2012 Tanni Grey Thompson, she achieves the recognized as the most successful disabled athletes reported by Hills (2012). According to Hills, she is very sad that nobody willing to help her cross the platform. ‘I had to crawl off a train because no one would help me’ said Tanni Grey Thompson.



To be success in athletics is not an easy task for even a normal person. Tanni Grey Thompson had gain her reputation with the double afford than a normal person. The 19th year old is definitely born with able bodies, she might have mental ill. However, people always say life has no take two. Tanni Grey Thompson is disabilities but she never give up her life. I am blaming about the lady who committed suicide doesn’t appreciate her life. But I would rather talk about the “sick” of the society or maybe I should say the lady parent/friend. If the lady’s family or friend do concern about her, maybe this consequences would not happen. Furthermore, if passengers who are on board willing to give a hand to Tanni Grey Thompson, she would not feel being discriminated by the people around. 

Goggin and Newell (2007) suggested that the digital business world should consider disabilities as part of their audiences instead of making them like a second class citizen described by Tanni Grey Thompson said. Compare to last time, the Internet do concern about the disabilities group. For example, to create a new account Google, we can find other option to verify the security code, such as instead of picture, they do provide sound medium for the blind man. We should consider the disabilities as part of ours not only in business sense but everything. 

“I will crawl upon my knees just to know the joy of suffering.”― Sidewalk Prophets (n.d)

There are many more meaningful quotation from the famous disabilities, play the following video, it will make you grow stronger!

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