Triumph in the skies

“Ladies and Gentleman, 

Once again, thank you for choosing Sugardaddy Airway as you travel buddy. We would like to inform you that we are half way reaching to our destination. Bear with us and now, we would like to talk about the “The Feudalisation of the Internet” and how it impact our lifestyle.” 

The impact of the Internet exists in almost every sectors in our life. Hirzalla, Zoonen & Ridder (2010) stated the Internet is a medium to gather the youths to participant in political event. Suffian (2008) reported that during 12th general elections in Malaysia the use of Internet as the medium for the public to voice out their political views. In the year of 2008 is also known as the rise of the Internet in Malaysia politic. Less than 72 hours is an important  day for all Malaysian, however I would rather not discuss further about any political issues. But here, the following picture to express myself.

Be yourself or puppet, YOU DECIDE!

Be yourself or puppet, YOU DECIDE!


The flight’s route look similar like the Internet’s node 





I would like describe the Internet like the flights’ route, it connect the people around world. In the past decades, flying on the sky is a dream and is out of the reach. Because not everyone can afford to pay for the expensive ticket.

The girl looking up at the paper plane, it spoke most people’s heartfelt wishes





The rise of budget airline and now “Everyone can fly”

Travel out of the country to another corner of the earth is not a myth!



Back to

 “The Feudalisation of the Internet”

First of all, what is ‘feudalisation’?

From the direct translation in Chinese, feudalisation refer to a situation that everything under restriction and people are close-minded. In a feudalisation society, only people who has status such as the king and the loyal family, are allow to speak or make judgement on something. People who are not follow the social norm will face punishment.

How  “The Feudalisation of the Internet” formed? 

(1) No free lunch in this world

Pay for what you want: The Internet is no more free, because people had take it opportunity for commercial purpose.

For example, iTunes. Pay for your favourite song.

itune screen1


(2) Do not post something that arise hatred: You going to face lawsuit! The mainstream is control by government (Suffian 2008) and they have the right to arrest anyone who arise hatred among the ethnics.



(3) Access denied: In China, some of the website like Facebook and Google is not allow to access. The government control the accessibility in the country to prevent unwanted consequences, such as terrorist attack.



In conclusion, I think every century may have “the feudalisation” because it is new and people is not open minded enough to accept the ‘new’ yet. However, the situation would not be last long because people will accept it one day, especially for gen xy and the millennium, they known as the group that able to accept new concept then the previous generation. The Internet will one day like the airline industry, Triumph in the skies~ everyone can “fly”.


Hirzalla, F, Zoonen, L & Ridder, J 2010, ‘Internet Use and Political Participation: Reflections on the Mobilization/Normalization Controversy’, The information Society: An International Journal, accessed 30/4/13, UOW eLearning.

Suffian, I 2008, ‘ Reflections of the 2008 Malaysian General Election: Role of the Internet in Political Communication’, Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research, accessed 2/5/13, UOW eLearning.


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