OK, so what is the big deal?

“To all passangers,

Our flight time will be of underestimate hours and underestimate minutes. We will be flying at an altitude of unknown feet/meters at a ground speed of unknown miles per hour/kilometers per hour. But no worry, we will bring you to your destination safely.

At this time, I’d like to direct your attention to the blog post below. We will be showing our first topic and would like the next few minutes of your complete attention.” Also, we advise you that as of this moment, LOG OUT your any other unrelated tab. This is your flight attentend, Ms SugarDaddy. Thank you.”

The world is heading towards better future but the human doesn’t. If we able to self-discipline, why we need something to control us? The developments of technology supposed to give us a better environment, society, lifestyle and so on…


Take a look at these:


Source: https://www.cfpsa.com/en/aboutus/psp/dfit/fitness/pages/land-forces-command-physical-fitness-standard-(lfcpfs).aspx

Don’t you think they can get a better job instead of this? Hey, don’t forget which century we are now!


Source: http://fabulousarchive.blogspot.com/2010/09/ground-zero-hypocrisy.html

Don’t you know what he did?



Source: http://www.kualalumpurpost.net/i-am-the-black-sheep-that-has-to-be-sacrificed-to-protect-unnamed-people-who-murdered-altantuya/

Do you know who is this sexy lady?



Source: http://news.abnxcess.com/bm/2013/02/najib-teruja-untuk-nikmati-makanan-enak-di-pulau-pinang/

Ya~ Of Course I know!! He is the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

 So, Is Media Policy important?

Flew (2012) proposed a series of Content Regulation and Convergent Media (ALRC 2012) reformation created by Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC).  According to his article, it is necessary to reform the Australia media policy due to the previous convention do not able to coincidence with the current media environment anymore. Like I said earlier, “If we able to self-discipline, why we need something to control us?”, and now even more! So now, do you think media policy is important?

“The world is heading towards better future but the human doesn’t.”

Also, the creation of better technology supposed to give us better livelihood. Alsagoff, Abdullah and Hassan (2011) urged the latest technology has resulted conflicts and posed challenges media environment in Malaysia. Besides, Evgeny Morozov,  a researcher who studies political and social implication of technology, he urged social networking site, such as Facebook and Twitter, is not always a place for democracy but it may authoritarian government even more powerful or repressive.

Here my personal experiences

I bet everyone who aware of Malaysia news may definitely hear about the 13th election of Malaysia is coming. I personally receive this news since last year and finally our 6th Prime Minister has just dissolved the parliament yesterday, 3 April, 11.34am. However, my personal Facebook new feed almost submerged by the political news and propaganda everyday even though I unsubscribe all the political update news.  The main reason is definitely it irritating me! Also, I got a feeling these people do not really care about the country. Six months ago, I do aware of the news to the certain party and I even subscribe to their official website. It is because this is the first election I qualified as a voter and I just want to know what happen to the society.

So now, you ask me whether I agree media policy reformation in Malaysia?


Source: http://ohkatherinephotography.blogspot.com/2009/01/i-wish-my-demons-were-that-pretty.html

My answer is YES!  Many people believe there are angel and devil living in our mind. Somebody is not able to control their devil and they would like to take advantages of “loopholes” in laws. Hence, Malaysia should have media policy reformation too and it must me reform once a year. Because the technology is developing rapidly but the mindset of these people doesn’t.


Alsagoff, S.A, Abdullah, Z & Hassan, M.S, 2011, ‘The growth and development of the malaysian media landscape in shaping media reguation’, Global Media Journal – Malaysia Edn, vol.1, issue 1.

Flew, T 2012, ‘Media classification: content regulation in an age of convergent media’, Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy, no.143. pp 1-15.

Morozov, E 2012, The Dark Side Of Internet Freedom: The Net Delusion, The New Republic, New York.


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